For My Past IELTS/PTE Exam Class Students

To my former IELTS or PTE exam preparation class students,

Read on if you:

  1. Desire to retake your IELTS or PTE Class
  2. Know someone who desires to take IELTS/PTE exam preparation classes (you can get a S$100 referral fee for each student referred)
  3. Can help me to get more students - e.g. you are in charge of or just know a Facebook group or a forum or an email list or a community, etc., where you know there are people who would be interested in my IELTS/PTE classes. Let's chat and see how we can collaborate together.
  4. Have already passed your IELTS exam! I want to hear from you 🙂

1) Discount For Retaking Your IELTS or PTE Class (New Teaching Syllabus, Unlimited Zoom Support, Unlimited Use Of New IELTS App)

If you haven't taken or passed your IELTS or PTE exam yet and you're looking to attend IELTS or PTE exam preparation classes, I'm offering a great discount for my former students to retake my classes.

Depending on when you took my IELTS classes (I've been teaching for more than 10 years), you'll find my present IELTS and PTE classes much much better than before in the following ways:

  • My teaching syllabus and materials are completely updated - since 2023. For example, my Writing Templates are much more advanced.
  • I now offer unlimited Zoom support for all my students - until they pass. All my students are able to attend my fortnightly 2-hour Zoom Support class where they can ask any questions they want, get their writing corrected and graded and participate in other class activities
  • I also recently created an IELTS (and PTE) App that will help you greatly improve your IELTS (and PTE) score. It incorporates my special TALI method (if you don't know what that is, then you probably didn't attend my class the past few years) and my students who have used the App have been loving it. Normally, to my non-students the cost of unlimited use (i.e. lifetime) of this App would be US$300 (S$400), but for my former students who take my class again, it's completely free and included in your class fees.

The normal cost of my IELTS and PTE class is S$800 these days - with early bird discount starting at S$550 if people register early.

However, if you're a former student of mine, the cost of retaking the class would only be S$350. Yes, for all I offer - not just attending my Face-To-Face classes, but also getting unlimited Zoom support and unlimited use of my IELTS/PTE App - that's a great bargain.

If you're interested, do WhatsApp me at +65 9768 1054 or +65 8530 0250 and let's chat more there.

2) S$100 Referral Fee For Referring A Friend

If you have a friend who is interested in my IELTS or PTE Class, do WhatsApp me at +65 9768 1054 and give me their details. If they sign up, I will give you a S$100 referral fee for each person you referred.

3) Help Me Market & Advertise My Classes In A Community That You Are Familiar With

If you have any suggestions how I can get more students for my classes, let's chat. Perhaps you know there's a Facebook group or a website or a forum or a community where there are people who may be interested in IELTS or PTE classes, do WhatsApp me and let's see what can be done.

If you're not sure if you can help, just WhatsApp me and we can talk about it. Thanks!

4) If You've Already Passed Your IELTS Exam, Please Let Me Know!

I would love to hear from you if you've already passed your IELTS exam and you haven't informed me yet. I always love to hear from my students who have passed their IELTS exam. If my classes have helped you in any way, I would greatly appreciate if you let me know that 🙂